Altruism in Action, at present working in Delhi.Our NGO (Altruism in action) mainly focus and working on eradication of hepatitis B in our Tibetan community and we also assist medical assistance to those patients who are from the remote areas of Tibetan settlements.

In our community, the large number of people are suffering from Hepatitis B. Last year we started our first Hepatitis Awareness Education to our school and our community. Our efforts are focused to fight against Hepatitis Disease.

We are assisting patients from our community, who are suffering from the major disease for further treatment at Higher Institute in Delhi. Daily we are helping 1 to 2 patients and sometimes more than that. At present we have four major patients from our place. Most of these patients are coming for Cancer treatment, Major Surgery, Cardiac, Neurology and Gynaecology evaluation, for poor patients we are giving accommodation and finding financial support for their treatment.


3rd DNA Viral Loads Test – 2018

From beginning of 2018 till now we have done 16 Viral Load test. The 8 coupon issued to PHC Tibetan Sonamling Settlement and remaining 8 to VTC Dehradun, Delhi Youth hostel student and patient from North East Tibetan Communities. We have already around 45 Patients taking treatment and guidance under our organization.


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Medical Tour To Nomads Area Ladakh – June 2017

Medical tour at Jangthang(Ladakh) in the month of June this year, feel great to meet our old patients in good health.
Also finished my 2nd project on Hepatitis DNA viral load test carried out for eight new patients in Tibetan Sonamling settlement Ladakh. We sponsored Hepatitis medication to few patients through our NGO. One year clearance complete with PHC head Mr. Karma and other staff members.

DNA Viral Loads Test – June 2017

In the month of June, we successfully carried out our second DNA viral loads test for Eight Hepatitis patients in Tibetan Settlement Ladakh. The test will be held in Ladakh with guidance and support from Dr. Anil Arora, Director of Gastroenterology Shri Ganga Ram Hospital – Delhi.


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Hepatitis Awareness Talk

Our first Hepatitis Awareness Education started from our school. T.C.V (Tibetan Children Village) Ladakh. From 6th to 8th Sep during these 3 days, we gave Awareness Education to class VII to class X Students. We spend around 1 hour for each class, within three days we covered around 500 students. Thanks to the Principal and staff for kind cooperation.

Hepatitis Awareness to the public of Sonamling Settlement Ladakh.We visited many camps for few days in the month of Sep 2016 and one-day public talk on Awareness in Ngari Community Hall. Our aim to provide knowledge about Hepatitis virus, the mode of transmission of the diseases, its effect, prevention and treatment through an awareness campaign.

1st project From September 2016 to December 2016

  1. Issued 31 DNA Viral Loads coupons, save 186,000 INR. For 6 patients we done free DNA Viral Loads Test.
  2. 20 patients taking Hepatitis b medications under our Organisation at discount rate and for 4 patients gave free hepatitis B medications.
  3. Provided Hepatitis B Awareness Education to TCV School ( Tibetan Children Village) at Ladakh covered 500 students, general public awareness education covered more than 1000 peoples in the month of September 2016.

Tendar Kunchok Tamotsang from Nepal had sponsored

  1. DNA viral load test for 6 patients, total cost : INR 6000
  2. Sponsored for one patient Hepatitis medication for two year INR 19200