Seeking a Hepatitis free society and to serves as many who are suffering from other diseases with love, care and dignity.

Our NGO (Altruism in action) aims at the eradication of hepatitis B and medical assistance to those patients who are from the remote areas of Tibetan settlements.

  1. To provide Hepatitis B and C awareness education to the schools and public.
  2. To prevent mother to child transmission of viral hepatitis and also prevent spreading among family and people living in the community.
  3. To reduce the stigma associated with chronic viral hepatitis by improving education and understanding of chronic viral hepatitis.
  4. Easy access to hepatitis testing treatment and support for people living with chronic hepatitis.
  5. Initiate public regarding importance of immunization, screening test and treatment.
  6. Aim to make our community free from Hepatitis B & C.
  7. Help as many as possible patients to get the best treatment at higher Institute in Delhi without discrimination.

Core Value :

1. Compassion :
Treating the patient with love, respect and empathy is one of the prime motives of initiating this drive.

2. Relationship :
It’s rare for us to be assisted in a very appropriate manner in various medical centers due to the hectic schedule of their duties for the patients. So we wanted to keep very respectful relationships with the concerned and their relatives.

3. Empowerment :
We wanted to keep positive thoughts among the patient to speed up the healing rate of the disease. It has been scientifically proved that the mental thoughts have a huge impact on the functioning of our body system.

4. Adjustability :
One of the biggest obstacles for people’s coming from the remote area is the problem of adjustability, they find it hard to refer to the right institution and the right doctor. We can solve this problem owing that to our familiarity with the place.

5. Values :
Our focus is to work effectively together and serve individual living with viral hepatitis in larger communities in our Tibetan society.

6. Commitment:
Our focus is to work effectively together and serve individual living with viral hepatitis in larger communities in our Tibetan society.



It came out of a dream. A dream of realization after seeing a number of my community suffering from the deadly diseases called Hepatitis. The pains, agonies, and suffering of them made me realize the futility of dealing with the local hospitals. So we had a discussion about the dream. Quite a number of times, we fail to come with guts and confidence about setting up an organization. But the hope and confidence my families laid upon me were immense. So in 2016, we decided to take our first baby step of assisting the patients suffering from Hepatitis.

Now, after a span of one year, our NGO is full fledged with the number of patients from the various remote areas asking for our help. In 2016, we carried our first project at the Sonamling settlement at Leh Ladakh. There we came to know the critical situation of Hepatitis after some presentations and conversation with local people’s. Many were unable to go for the basic test due to the high charges and the lack of facilities at Leh. Realizing the dire need of our help, we contacted Dr. Anil Arora (Gastroenterology) Shri Ganga Ram Hospital for his assistance to remote area people’s. Fortunately, we were able to get the DNA test done for INR 20,000 for twenty people’s even though the actual cost for twenty peoples comes in the range INR 140,000. For new thirty patients are under the process of medication under our NGO. We are more motivated and determined in taking our steps closer to the dream we once dreamed.

Now people from remote area approach us in assisting them to help in curing some other diseases like cancer, cardiac and neurological disorders. So we are doing our best in trying to help them to the best of our ability through our prime motive is to assist the patients in dealing with Hepatitis. We receive a constant list of patients from the chief representative, an officer of Leh regarding the Hepatitis. We are dealing with them on a regular basis with the financial stakes, adjustability and to some extent to the point of accommodation. Seeing the joy on the face of the peoples, we are more determined in taking “Altruism in action” to further level of bringing out the huge amount joy and respect amount the folks.