Who experiences Cancer pain ?

Not everyone with Cancer experiences pain. But unfortunately, very often pain accompanies cancer. 70 percent to 80 percent diagnosed with cancer complain first of pain. Another 30 percent experience pain from the treatment of cancer.
Cancer pain can be the result of the tumor impinging on nerves, bones, abdominal organs or other tissues. Cancer that has big tumors compressing on neighboring systems like pancreatic, prostate and bone cancer – can be exquisitely painful.

Different forms of pain-relieving medications.
1. Tablets or syrups.
2. Injections: intravenous and spinal injections.
3. Helpful relaxation therapies including meditation, massage, tai chi, yoga, and hypnotherapy.
From last few years, I saw many of my patients went through a painful journey of cancer. We don’t have all these facilities at our remote place, I am very thankful to Dr. G.P. Dureja for guidance.

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