Hepatitis and Social Stigma in our Society

Hep B and C are major causes of chronic liver disease leading to Cirrhosis and Hepatocellular Carcinoma.
From last few years we are working on Hepatitis patients in my community, till now around 30 patients taking Hep B medication under our NGO.
Hepatitis B is stigmatized mainly due to ignorance and is potentially infectious. All though Hep B passed sexually or via blood to blood contact. Hep B is not passed by hugging, kissing or drinking from same glass. 

The social stigma in patients with Hepatitis has caused several complications for the patient. Hide the disease and provokes various complications for them. Many patients comments showed a sense of family and social discrimination resulting in feeling of disappointment and isolation. Fear and ignorance have cost people their jobs, friendships and relationships.
For some stigma hurts more than Hepatitis itself.
Educational interventions are needed to over come such misconceptions. Let us unite together in this operation of eradicating the Hepatitis totally away from our surrounding.

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