Big thanks for Everyone

A very big thank you to everyone for successfully carrying out our project on the elimination of deadly disease like Hepatitis B among our Tibetan community . We foremost aim to tackle this issues at the remote places. It’s like almost two and half years that our NGO (Altruism in action ) are working closely with Hepatitis B patients regarding their medication and treatment at the well known hospitals at Delhi . As a part of our work , we had currently around 40 patients taking medication under our organization . We had issued around 60 coupons which are eligible at discounted price for DNA viral load test till date . In total , we had saved around INR 2 lakh from the patients by working closely and maintaining close relationship with well decorated doctors working in esteemed hospitals at Delhi . Moreover our organization had sponsored 8 patients for the medication of Hepatitis B till now . We are still looking at every opportunity where we could help the general peoples .
Our organization ( Altruism in action ) is run by a registered nurse with the help of two more generous lady Madam Paivi Kirjonen and Ama Yolande Caumont. We are very thankful to them for their generous help and we would like to take this opportunity in thanking Dr Anil Arora ( Director Gastroenterologist SGR Hospital) and pharmaceutical companies for their kind hearted consideration . It wouldn’t even be possible to carry out our dreams of reaching out to peoples without those financial helps and the encouraging words from those concerned individuals . We bow onto you for your concern . Our motive and ambition is clear that we still have huge faith in humanity .
TRADE FAIR YESTERDAY AT FINLAND, Madam Paivi Kirjonen. Thank you so much.

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